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For millions of Americans it can be a struggle to shed
those extra pockets of unwanted fat. The pain of diet and
exercise often shows little gain and leaves most

But, what if you had the ultimate motivator that could
shed inches in as little as two weeks.

There is, and it is called the ZERONA laser!

Zerona Laser

ZERONA is the only clinical study and FDA market
cleared for non-invasive body contouring of the waist,
hips and thighs.

The ZERONA Basics

ZERONA applies a gentle cold laser directly targeting
your area of greatest cosmetic concern.

As the lasers slowly rotate over the treatment area the
patient feels no sensation.

This means ZERONA provides an effective treatment
without any pain or risk of any side-effects.

Zerona Laser

Zerona’s safe mechanism creates small openings within
the outer barrier of specific fat cells.

When the membrane is disrupted, the stored fat is released.

This allows the body to now use the released fat for
energy production.

ZERONA’s laser light safely penetrates the skin and
affects only the enlarged fat cells!

The laser energy does not go beyond the fat layer,
targeting fat cells only.

Once all this unwanted fat is safely metabolized, all that
remains is a slimmer you!